Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calendar has nothing but pictures of girls capri leggings

My daughter is a fifth grader at Clarke Elementary School.  One of recent project she had for art class was to make a calendar including photos of some favorite things.  For example, many kids had lots of pics of dogs and cats.  Others had sports heroes making great plays.  One had sketches of great presidents in US history.  But not my girl.  She went off the map for this assignment.  She assembled a working 12 month calendar, and on each month was a separate photograph of girls capri leggings (seen here)  Capri leggings are very popular in my household.  We have lots of females walking through these corridors, and they all wear capri leggings because they are so versatile.  They can be worn under a dress or skirt either to accessorize an outfit or to simply make it warmer on a cold autumn day.  Sometimes they put them on just because they make them feel comfy and cozy.  They are perfect for lounging around the house or watching tv in.  I'm not joking.  If I tell you we have dozens of capri leggings lying around this house, that's no exaggeration.  So when my daughter whipped out the camera and began photographing them all about the world, we got a huge kick out of it.  To be honest, she had two dozen awesome snapshots, so we had to narrow them down to 12.  Not to worry, she used the extras to hang above bed so that she can stare at them at night.  No joke.  This girl has a serious addiction to capri leggings for girls, don't you think.  Should I call a shrink, or just a fashion designer.

I should clarify.  She doesn't like all kinds of leggings.  Only capri leggings from TwirlyGirl.  It has to be that brand or she want wear them.  She likes how soft they are, and she thinks their selection of fun and funky patterns is the absolute best.  I wonder if I post this blog piece, and the owners of TwirlyGirl read it, will they send me some free stuff.  That would be nice.  wink wink.  So the thing is now that when my girl turns the page to february she thinks, ooh, I want to get those.  And march, the same thing.  And so on.  And what does she want for christmas?  You got it.  Leggings.  And how about birthdays?  yep, girls leggings.  The kid is a broken record set to fashion.

The teacher who was grading the project gave my kid an A.  But secretly, I suspect she thinks Alice is a psychopath because of this obsession.  She really is a one trick pony.  But I can't fault the child.  I love girls capri leggings as well.  I just wish they came in my size.  I used to be slim.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I used to not be large.  But now that I limit myself to only two burgers a day, I'm not terrible.  Anyway, this link will take you to the TwirlyGirl site.  Check out all of their cute clothes.  You will truly love what they have to offer. Ciao!

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