Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mother in law has no idea what a girls maxi dress is

My mother in law is a lovely, caring woman.  I definitely got lucky in that department.  I hear horror stories from my girlfriends about the families that they marry into, and I'm happy to say, I don't have their problems.  That said, I do wish my husband's mother was either a little more hip, or a little more willing to ask questions instead of pretending like she knows everything.  Let me give you an example.  My girl just turned eight years old.  Shelly, wanted to know what to buy the kid for her birthday.  I told Shel that she would really love and appreciate a girls maxi dress like this one.  Maxi dresses are really stunning and comfortable, and they are also age appropriate for girls.  She said she would get right on it.  I wanted to make sure that she knew exactly what a maxi dress was, but she insisted that she did.  What do you think happened next?

My daughter opened the presents at the party, and when it came time to open the gift from grandma, it was simply awful.  Instead of buying a maxi dress for girls, she purchased some kind of tacky stripper like item that had the phrase maxi printed on the bodice.  There was no way in hell my girl was going to school wearing that thing.... not that she desired to anyway.  She just had a polite smile plastered on the face, but you could tell she was seriously disappointed with the present... especially since she had been told that it was going to be a maxi dress.
Fortunately, granny could read between the lines, and offered to return the dress and get something else.  This time, I made it super clear and easy for the woman.  I sent her the exact link to the kind of maxi dress that my girl wanted.  It was www.twirlygirlshop.com  They have a great selection of beautiful dresses, and even if granmother purchased the wrong dress, at least I was 100% that whatever she bought would be beautiful.  And if it wasn't to my girls taste, at least I knew that TwirlyGirl has a very generous return and exchange policy.   From now on, that's the only place that she is allowed to shop from.  I hate to sound ungrateful.  I truly am not.  But I just wish she were a little more open to listening, that's all.  These are good problems to have.  I get it.

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