Saturday, August 24, 2013

Husband uses girls capri leggings as coffee filter

My husband is either ingenious or an idiot.  Or industrious.  It's hard to tell.  One thing for sure is, the man loves his morning coffee.  He's a complete wreck without it.  Here's proof.  The other day, he woke up cranky and stumbled his way into the kitchen to brew a pot.  When he got there, he realized we were completely out of filters.  Rather than skip a day of joe, or go to a local Starbucks, the man pilfered through the laundry pile and pulled out some girls capri leggings like these.  Girls leggings are appropriate for a lot of things.  Girls can wear them to school, under a dress or a skirt, to church, or to a sleepover, or just while lounging around the house watching TV.  But one thing they should never be used for, is making an espresso!

My husband made himself a nice hot piping carafe, and got his daily caffeine fix.  He then dumped the grounds into the garage and threw the capri leggings into the wash.  The next day, when my girl pulled them out, they were stained completely brown.  The man completely and utterly ruined the leggings. When I pressed the dude on it, he played dumb, then started laughing.  He confessed that he had used the capri leggings for girls as a matter of last resort.  Uh, thanks a lot, bro.  My girl was pretty pissed, and my spouse just thought it was the funniest thing ever.  That is, until I laid some hard science on him:  he would have to buy and even better pair of capri leggings for our girl or face my wrath.

So we did an internet search.  I was determined to find the best pair of girls capri leggings on the planet, and you know what, I think I did just that!  I stumbled upon a really cute site for girls clothing called TwirlyGirl.  All of their clothes are manufactured in the USA, and their selection is super cute.  It was page after page of adorable clothing.  Our girls eyes light up, and you can see Mark's face fall.  He knew he was in for a big shopping spree.  And that's exactly what happened.  We loaded up our cart with lots of girls clothes, including several capri leggings.  The order was delivered a few days later, and we were completely ecstatic with the quality of the merchandise and TwirlyGirl's prompt customer service.  We were so satisfied, I decided to dedicate an entire blog piece to TwirlyGirl.  Plus, it was a slow news week.  LOL!  Here's a link to their website.  Definitely check them out.  Their stuff is so adorable.

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